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Will Animate for Food

2013-03-23 21:23:44 by Zoju the title for the ten-second long, lame little loop I made in Toon Boom to advertise for quick animation commissions, to get some practice (while making some pocket money, hopefully). It's a bug-creature, a starving artist, down on his luck, flying about the streets with his cardboard sign, begging for work.
Which pretty much describes me, with more wings and less body hair.

I don't believe in flooding the Movie galleries with stuff that was done in under three hours (I'm still slow with the software, damn) so here it is on deviantArt: LINK


Commission Pricing

2013-03-17 18:10:29 by Zoju

Since it's already up on my dA, I uploaded a price sheet for commissions, check it out: on-price-sheet

Got scouted!

2013-03-15 12:34:28 by Zoju

Well, this didn't take long! You can now go ahead and check my stuff out and start rating. Currently it's just reposts from my dA account, the new stuff will come later as animations. See ya until then!


2013-03-14 18:55:55 by Zoju

First time here. I'm learning animation and do art, so this could be a good place to share stuff and get stomped by criticism.

Time to upload some crap.